I Was Hungry. So I Ended Up Having a Camel.

I was hungry. But it was pretty late at night and I was too lazy to cook and too alert to fall asleep.

So I needed distraction to forget the hunger.

So I scrolled down my Twitter timeline and (because I live in Indonesia) found a lot of trivial yet intriguing-and-comment-attracting news but I refused to bitchtweet about them because it’s going to be a long long series of lame tweets and still, it’s trivial.

So I decided to ramble in a blog and immediately remembered that I no longer owned one*.

So I had to signup here in WordPress and later they asked me what theme I would be using and although WordPress had warned me not to over-think about it because I could always go back and change it anytime in the future, I was pedantic enough to spend forty minutes to make a decision on this particular issue.

So I tried out many different themes until destiny brought me and this camel-themed theme together. (I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the wooden background, perhaps it’s scientific looking pyramids, perhaps it’s the random camel, I really don’t know, you go ask destiny)

So this post will be irrelevant someday when I eventually opt to change the theme (it’s “Adventure Journal” in case you want to know), or simply replace the camel-containing heading photo with my own, or replace the camel-containing heading photo with a photo of another camel I take by myself, and I honestly don’t know why this camel thing becomes important.

Now I’m too tired to write what I wanted to write in the first place.

Big deal, I’ll do it some other time.


*) There was one on Friendster (YES PEOPLE, FRIENDSTER), but humanity decided to take it down and made it disappear from civilization. Along with the Friendster itself of course.**

**) I use asterisks a lot for no legal purpose.

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