“Hate the Attitudes, Not the Person”

That’s what my mother keeps saying. Sounds simple but it’s not easy.

I remember my friends said they disliked someone because of her obnoxious attitudes. That one particular attitude was so obnoxious that they could not appreciate another list of good qualities in her. Everything she said or did became irrelevantly wrong, all the time.

Recently, I’ve been noticing that some colleagues used to show their abundant affection towards our new governor and vice governor, because of the fact that they brought in new changes, possessed clean and discipline images, etc. But recently, when Governor Jokowi created a policy that created troubles for health care providers and when Vice Governor Ahok made a-not-very-wise public statement about doctors and hospitals, these colleagues of mine flew into rage and spread hate comments on social media.*

I understand that Jokowi’s new policy is somewhat premature and potentially creating problems within the health system. I understand that Ahok shouldn’t be signaling a statement that negatively labels doctors and hospitals: that they are not pro poor people and that they don’t give standard service. I too, must say that this is unbelievably disheartening.

It’s as if they’re, especially Ahok, (perhaps unintentionally) inviting people to hate the whole population of doctors and health providers in Indonesia.

I have always wondered what the joy people find in hating others is. As well as attacking others, hurting others, and watching others suffer.

I don’t want people to hate all of us. I don’t deny that doctors with bad attitudes exist and that they should be disciplined. Yet there are doctors who do good practices. Who treat patients for free. Who are not paid and sometimes even pay for the patients’ medication. Who work for a 36-hours sleepless shift because there are too many patients to take care for. Who put patients’ needs ahead of their own. Who get sued for malpractices and defamed because patients’ family, NGOs, and media don’t understand Steven Johnson Syndrome.

But I rarely find media mention these facts a lot. Sure thing, because good news don’t sell.

People can choose to hate the bad doctors. Or even more ideally, the attitude of those bad doctors. But please, just be wise and don’t hate everyone in a white coat.**

I don’t want to hate the whole person of Jokowi and Ahok either. I voted for them and I have a lot of hopes and respect for them. I love that they are hardworking, and smart, and down to earth, and strict to any violation of laws, and Ahok is cute (wait what).

So people may hate bad attitudes of several doctors and hope that those attitudes would be fixed. And doctors may hate Jokowi-Ahok’s actions towards this particular issue and hope that those actions would be fixed.

Just because there are sweetened cherries that you don’t like on top of your cake, doesn’t mean the whole cake is not worth eating.***





*) Not to mention some other politicians’ judgmental statements. Well if you’re curious, just google these keywords: “Ribka Tjiptaning” “

**) For there are drugstore attendants who dress like doctors, but it’s out of context. I’m just trying to be funny here but only a few of you would get it.

***) This expression might only apply to me. I detest sweetened cherry (not the fresh ones). I would normally eat the base, icing, and every element of the cake but leave the cherries for someone else.

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2 thoughts on ““Hate the Attitudes, Not the Person”

  1. Ayu

    Ucil i really miss your extraordinary thought. But not only that, i miss u as a whooooole person😘

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