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Tuesday Thinking

There are three main reasons why people don’t appreciate your existence.

1) You are not good enough
2) They take you for granted
3) They simply don’t need you

This is a tricky area where you need to be able to tell the difference. Once you know which case you are in, then you get to decide whether you want to:

1) Improve and make yourself better
2) Tolerate for some time
3) Walk away from their life forever

Normally you would start from no.1 until you become better so that they acknowledge how good you are. lt’s all for your own sake and the advantage is definitely on you. Well, perhaps on them too. So this is most likely a win-win solution.

Then it’s down to no.2. Because no matter how hard you try, you understand that even good people can be anal openings sometimes. They forget to appreciate you and treat you like crap. But you believe it’s ephemeral and you can still put up with them. In this case you can either stay there waiting patiently for a miracle, try to talk to them, or temporarily disappear to give them time to reflect. You tolerate. Until you can’t do it anymore.

Then when all the limits are crossed and you feel like you’ve had enough, perhaps it’s time to do some rethinking. Maybe it is the case no. 3 and thus you should act accordingly. If those people don’t need you in the first place, what in the world could make them deserve you? And if you can live without them, what makes you stay? 🙂


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