Remind me about the words of appreciation

Dear Son,

There are times when a husband would voluntarily open his mouth to say something just to piss his wife off. Mine does too. But there are times though, when he unexpectedly comes up with a few words that truly make my day.

Now bear this in your mind. Because if one day you decide to get married, this is the kind of unusual yet magic words that could melt your wife’s heart, and keep her from scolding you (at least for 1×24 hours). She will even cook you your favorite dish (in your father’s case, it’s Indomie with extra extra EXTRA Boncabe). And more importantly, she will be thankful for having you as her husband.

Sometime recently, he told me this:

“Housewife chores are extremely hard. I only replace your task for 6 hours today and I don’t think I can ever manage to swap roles. I would rather spend hours at the office than do whatever it is that you do everyday. It’s just.., too hard.”

I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to make compliments or intentionally created such strategy to get his Boncabe Indomie. He just made a comment out of his own experience. But to me, it sounded like a wonderful appreciation.

With digital wars these days between working mothers vs stay-at-home mothers feat. ustadz ibukota feat. unmarried netizens who think they know everything about marriage, and with daily judgmental comments from people around us, starting a family is highly challenging. You barely escape a day without being criticized for your life choices, parenting values, and even relationship style. I’m not telling you to ignore that because you need evaluation to improve yourself. But it is not always easy on the ear and it can drive you crazy. So you should always remember that what matters the most is what your partner thinks about you.

I tell you Son, I see old couples these days tend to take their spouse for granted. They hate, they disrespect, and are fed up with each other. I don’t want that but who knows what will happen to us in the future? So maybe, if 30 years later he becomes so annoying that I want to throw a brick at him (or vice versa), please do us a favor. Remind him that sometime in 2016 he used to appreciate me this much. And remind me too about how much it ever meant to me.



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