Because we don’t have Indonesian Grammar Day

Dear Son,

Look at this picture. This is too embarrassing.

I don’t want you to grow up to be some kind of adult who does this.

Please don’t write this way.


Because when you’re indicating preposition of place or referring to a certain location, “DI” and “a place name” should be separated by a space.

It should be DI AREA.


I’m sorry to inform you that I’m no expert in my native language. There are many rules in Bahasa Indonesia that I might not be aware of. But I keep trying to learn them and even when I do, I still make a lot of mistakes too.

So you should learn better. At least don’t belittle Indonesian grammar. It seems that we don’t make a big deal about this. And it’s actually sad.

When you grow up, you will meet people who don’t care about kata sambung, imbuhan, and EYD. That may include your coworkers, teachers, bosses, or even VIPs who are considered academically smart. They won’t notice that you put extra effort on doing the right thing. Some may laugh at you for being too pedantic. And they will think you’re weird.

But that’s okay, Son. It is small. But I believe it’s important to respect our own language. With the our public tendency to use non-formal or foreign words, it’s hard to do so. I don’t use formal Indonesian in daily chats and casual writings either. Often I write in English too. But Sweetheart, if you happen to be doing something official, please choose the proper way. Ask someone legitimate. Open your dictionary. Google search. Whatever attempts you can do.

Today is September 8th and we don’t have Indonesian Grammar Day. Nobody bothers to celebrate such thing. So, happy International Literacy Day, Son. It’s vital to be literate. And it is best to be properly literate.



P.S. Oh, and the smaller words written in red paint below? Yeah those are dirty words. Don’t write them in public.

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