The cardamom in my soup

Dear Son,

In life, you will play different roles in different occasions.

Sometimes you get the biggest part, sometimes you you’re just an extra.

People don’t always recognize you.

Or know you exist.

Some things can still work without your presence too.

That’s okay.

But always, always do it well.

So when you feel like you’re not the most important person in a circle, think of a cardamom.

It’s a kind of spices that I sometimes put in my soup, in a very teeny tiny amount. Without it, I can still cook and my soup will still look like a commonly known soup. People will only ask if the beef, the carrot, or the potato is missing in their bowl. They won’t care so much whether it has a cardamom or not.

But Son, a cardamom actually makes a difference. It gives a different aromatic warmth that is felt by everyone. Most people will enjoy it, but don’t know where that sensation comes from. And people who don’t cook don’t even know what a cardamom is. Only a very few people will notice it and appreciate its presence. And most of the time, they are the ones who are good in the kitchen. In other words, they are the expert ones in the field.

There are also, people who don’t like the taste of a cardamom for no reason. But they are rare. And if you happen to meet them, I think you’re just having a very bad luck. Everyone get bad lucks every once in a while, Son. Don’t worry.

Therefore, Son, if you’re beef, be very good beef.

If you’re a carrot or a potato, be a very good carrot or a very good potato.

And if you’re a cardamom, be a very good cardamom.

And when you’re a cardamom, don’t bother to try replacing a carrot, because that will not make a good soup.

So, My Dear Son, whatever circumstances you have on hands, always know your role.

Work together with other roles.

And make the best impact in the play.




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