If we have a fight

Dear Son,

There will come the days when you follow my advice not because you think I’m right, but because you’re just too tired to argue.

Especially in the next 30 years, maybe, I would be one of those old people who are illogical and my words do not always make sense to you. And I’m your parent, so you will most likely be fed up having a fight with me. Even if I’m right, often it will be difficult for you to agree with my opinions. While at other times, I’m just simply mistaken and you’re aware of it.

Maybe those are merely trivial cases, so your wise mind knows that it’s not worth fighting for. But if you are like me, you enjoy winning an argument. So this situation can drive you nuts because it disturbs your sanity knowing that something is not relevant to your knowledge but you cannot do anything because you don’t want to hurt me.

If that ever happens, Son, please forgive me.

Don’t hate me. Because I might be doing that only because I care so much about you.

Understand me. Because we might have different perspectives.

Try my words. Because I could be correct.

Use kind words. Because the older I am, the more sensitive I might become.

And most importantly, be patient to me. Much, much more patient that I am to your grandparents today. They are lovely people. So lovely that each time we argue, it makes me regret having to be impatient and make them sad. But you have half of your father’s serenity. I know you are not gonna repeat my mistake.

Anyway, just in case it works, show me this message.

So I will remember how it feels to be in your position.

With so much love and precautions,


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