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I might give a shot. When I have the time. *sigh*

But it’s a good piece of advice for writing scientific ideas for general readers.


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If we have a fight

Dear Son,

There will come the days when you follow my advice not because you think I’m right, but because you’re just too tired to argue.

Especially in the next 30 years, maybe, I would be one of those old people who are illogical and my words do not always make sense to you. And I’m your parent, so you will most likely be fed up having a fight with me. Even if I’m right, often it will be difficult for you to agree with my opinions. While at other times, I’m just simply mistaken and you’re aware of it.

Maybe those are merely trivial cases, so your wise mind knows that it’s not worth fighting for. But if you are like me, you enjoy winning an argument. So this situation can drive you nuts because it disturbs your sanity knowing that something is not relevant to your knowledge but you cannot do anything because you don’t want to hurt me.

If that ever happens, Son, please forgive me.

Don’t hate me. Because I might be doing that only because I care so much about you.

Understand me. Because we might have different perspectives.

Try my words. Because I could be correct.

Use kind words. Because the older I am, the more sensitive I might become.

And most importantly, be patient to me. Much, much more patient that I am to your grandparents today. They are lovely people. So lovely that each time we argue, it makes me regret having to be impatient and make them sad. But you have half of your father’s serenity. I know you are not gonna repeat my mistake.

Anyway, just in case it works, show me this message.

So I will remember how it feels to be in your position.

With so much love and precautions,


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About your old man

Dear Son,

I just want you to know that your father is a very, very, very kind person.



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The cardamom in my soup

Dear Son,

In life, you will play different roles in different occasions.

Sometimes you get the biggest part, sometimes you you’re just an extra.

People don’t always recognize you.

Or know you exist.

Some things can still work without your presence too.

That’s okay.

But always, always do it well.

So when you feel like you’re not the most important person in a circle, think of a cardamom.

It’s a kind of spices that I sometimes put in my soup, in a very teeny tiny amount. Without it, I can still cook and my soup will still look like a commonly known soup. People will only ask if the beef, the carrot, or the potato is missing in their bowl. They won’t care so much whether it has a cardamom or not.

But Son, a cardamom actually makes a difference. It gives a different aromatic warmth that is felt by everyone. Most people will enjoy it, but don’t know where that sensation comes from. And people who don’t cook don’t even know what a cardamom is. Only a very few people will notice it and appreciate its presence. And most of the time, they are the ones who are good in the kitchen. In other words, they are the expert ones in the field.

There are also, people who don’t like the taste of a cardamom for no reason. But they are rare. And if you happen to meet them, I think you’re just having a very bad luck. Everyone get bad lucks every once in a while, Son. Don’t worry.

Therefore, Son, if you’re beef, be very good beef.

If you’re a carrot or a potato, be a very good carrot or a very good potato.

And if you’re a cardamom, be a very good cardamom.

And when you’re a cardamom, don’t bother to try replacing a carrot, because that will not make a good soup.

So, My Dear Son, whatever circumstances you have on hands, always know your role.

Work together with other roles.

And make the best impact in the play.




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#JeNeSuisPasCharlieHebdo. Are You Sure?

As a Muslim, I really don’t feel comfortable seeing Prophet Muhammad being mocked in the name of freedom of expression. Likewise, I also don’t feel comfortable hearing a preacher in the mosque labelling other religions as infidels. In general, I never feel comfortable seeing someone making comments on other people’s religions, especially when he or she tries to point out how incorrect other religions’ perspectives are.

image We all have the rights to feel that our choice of faith is the most correct one in the world. Similarly, we do have the freedom to express our pride of what we believe. You can be proud of how well the verses in your holy books teach you how to do good deeds. You can be proud of how loving your god is or how noble your prophets are. You can definitely spread any form of kindness and useful teachings from your religion. Anything that may promote world peace. However, you should never make comments on other people’s religions based on your opinions, especially when your comments are negative and potentially insulting.

You can, though, compare other religions to yours, but only within a homogenous group of your people (the ones with the same belief) as part of deepening the knowledge of your faith. Or alternatively, you attend an interfaith forum where everyone is required to openly learn about each other’s faith. You don’t share articles in social media or preach through a loudspeaker in a heterogeneous neighborhood mentioning that your religion is better than others, or that congratulating other religions’ holy days are equal to following infidelity. Not in Facebook, not in Twitter, not in Whatsapp groups, and not in any place where there are people who don’t share similar faiths with you.

It might seem trivial, but, please think again. It doesn’t matter whether you are a layman or a top-rated ustadz. If someone gets hurt or offended by your freely expresed minds, then what makes you different to Charlie Hebdo? You are making interpretations of what is correct and what is incorrect, as well as labels of who is wrong and who is right. While actually, it is God’s privilege to do that.

Sometimes we forget to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We forget to calculate the impact of whatever comes out from our mouth. There are never enough lessons on “What would they feel if I do this?”. The old saying “Treat others as you want to be treated” is not always effective because every one of us applies different standards. I guess this is the reason why faiths should be regarded as a highly private matter.

Every religion is supposed to bring in peace upon Earth and I personally condemn any attacks in the name of it. On the other hand, I agree that there are limits to freedom of speech on sensitive issues. Certainly, the definition of ‘sensitive’ varies among different communities. The rule of to what extent certain discussion is appropriate and what is not is also very vague, depending on cultural and local values. It’s hard to measure, but that’s what makes humans different to animals; we are given the wisdom to do so. Hence technically, if you could spend some time to use your brain (and sense of humanity), you’d be able to feel it. After all, last two weeks’ tragedy should serve as a harsh reminder to us: to behave more like humans.

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I Was Hungry. So I Ended Up Having a Camel.

I was hungry. But it was pretty late at night and I was too lazy to cook and too alert to fall asleep.

So I needed distraction to forget the hunger.

So I scrolled down my Twitter timeline and (because I live in Indonesia) found a lot of trivial yet intriguing-and-comment-attracting news but I refused to bitchtweet about them because it’s going to be a long long series of lame tweets and still, it’s trivial.

So I decided to ramble in a blog and immediately remembered that I no longer owned one*.

So I had to signup here in WordPress and later they asked me what theme I would be using and although WordPress had warned me not to over-think about it because I could always go back and change it anytime in the future, I was pedantic enough to spend forty minutes to make a decision on this particular issue.

So I tried out many different themes until destiny brought me and this camel-themed theme together. (I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the wooden background, perhaps it’s scientific looking pyramids, perhaps it’s the random camel, I really don’t know, you go ask destiny)

So this post will be irrelevant someday when I eventually opt to change the theme (it’s “Adventure Journal” in case you want to know), or simply replace the camel-containing heading photo with my own, or replace the camel-containing heading photo with a photo of another camel I take by myself, and I honestly don’t know why this camel thing becomes important.

Now I’m too tired to write what I wanted to write in the first place.

Big deal, I’ll do it some other time.


*) There was one on Friendster (YES PEOPLE, FRIENDSTER), but humanity decided to take it down and made it disappear from civilization. Along with the Friendster itself of course.**

**) I use asterisks a lot for no legal purpose.

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